Pi Day Live with Professor Marcus du Sautoy

Pi Day Live was a free online event which ran on March 14th at 1.59pm. Around 2000 people from 17 different countries took part and rediscovered pi using one of our ‘Find Pi!’ methods. Many people uploaded their results as part of an experiment to crowd-source pi, which you can see below.

Even though Pi Day Live is now over you can run the video and get involved with the activities ‘as live’. The video is about 45 minutes long with a 15 minute section in the middle for you to run your own Find Pi experiment. You can contribute to the crowd-sourcing experiment by adding your results to the ‘pi machine’, using the upload form on this page.

Awaiting graph initialisation...

What's your pi?

Use the Find Pi! techniques - or any others you can find - to estimate a value for pi, and use the form below to add it to our crowd-sourced search for an accurate result.