Pi Day Live with Marcus du Sautoy

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 1:59pm to 2:50pm

Join Marcus du Sautoy online today at 1.59pm GMT for this free live event rediscovering one of the most important and beautiful numbers in the universe.

Get involved

...by finding pi for yourself and telling us your results. Anyone can join-in and you don’t need to be a maths genius to take part:

  • How does pi underpin our world?
  • Which of our pre-computer methods of discovering pi is best?
  • Will crowd-sourcing the results of everyone’s experiments give us a more accurate result?

Watch Marcus's introductory video to find out more.

Take a look a the different ways to find pi we will be using to rediscover pi and choose one to experiment with during Pi Day Live.

Get Connected

Online Lecture Theatre

Discover and discuss Pi with Marcus by joining him in the Online Lecture Theatre.

As well as generating results for the Pi Day experiment you can get involved in a discussion about the best methods for finding Pi with Marcus and maths students from Oxford.

The lecture theatre will be run in Blackboard Collaborate software - see our Tech Support page for more information. If you are happy that you can run the software then you can join us in the Online Lecture Theatre.

The ‘Big screen’

Or you can get involved with the live event  and join-in with the experiment to rediscover pi via our YouTube 'Big Screen'

Simply follow the big screen link which will appear here on Pi-Day to watch the event and upload your results.

As you can view YouTube videos on your computer the ‘big screen’ should work for you. See our Tech Support page for more information.

Check list

  1. Choose a way to get connected on the day- Online Lecture Theatre or 'Big Screen'
  2. Choose the way of finding pi you are going to try on the day and take a look at the format of the event if you want to know exactly what's going to happen
  3. Come back to this website at around 1.40pm GMT on 14 March to link into the Online Lecture Theatre or the 'Big Screen'
  4. Enjoy hanging out with Marcus online, learning about pi and uploading the results of your chosen 'find pi' activity
  5. Check out the results of Pi Day Live and other pi stuff online + take a look at other courses and events from the Univeristy of Oxford like The Number Mysteries

No need to wait for Pi Day to get started. You can experiment with the methods for finding Pi now and let us know how you got on.

You can also send images of your experiments or tell us about alternate methods for finding pi: